Colortronic (UK) Ltd


The Problem

Colortronic (UK) Ltd’s staff were experiencing large amounts of spam, causing many hours of lost time whilst users sorting through their inbox throughout the day. Senior management felt it was becoming increasingly difficult to ensure all important emails were dealt with efficiently, due to the large amounts of emails to sort through. Recently Colortronic had rolled out “push email” technology allowing email to be delivered directly to mobile phone of its sales force. The spam situation was also causing Colortronic to incur additional data charges.

The management team at Colortronic (UK) Ltd had heard of Anti-Spam solutions, but had concerns that these solutions may block legitimate emails from its customers.

The Solution

Miller Solutions took care of the spam problem by setting up its cloud based Mail Filtering Solution (MailCare SMTP). The MailCare solution keeps means not only keeping unwanted emails out of your inbox but off the entire network, thanks to the cloud based approach.

The MailCare solution pre-filtering incoming emails before sending onwards to Colortronic’s email server. We also automatically whitelist Colortronic’s existing set of contacts ensuring emails aren’t blocked in future.


  • Reduced spam by 98%
  • Increased Bandwidth available on the Office Internet Connection
  • Reduction in Data Charges on Mobile Devices
  • Increased Productivity
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